COVID-19 Update

Update as of 01/04/20:

Thank you for all your 
orders during this testing time. 
We're still open, but with limited capacity.

We are still accepting orders via:
Our store front drop-box 
(listed as Hillvale Photo here)

Postal orders 
(postage details can be found here) .

Please note negatives can not picked up until further notice.
If you require your negatives, please order negatives postage here.

Turnaround times:
C-41 developed Monday-Friday 
(turnaround times 3-5 days)

B&W developed Monday 
(turnaround times 7-8 days)

E6 & pushed / pulled rolls 
suspended until further notice

Rush jobs are still honoured 
(turnaround within 24 hours during weekdays only)

Online film orders as per normal

Please email us here if you have 
any order queries.

Thanks, and take care.

Update as of 23/03/20

With the current COVID-19 pandemic among us, we have decided to turn to a zero-contact operation with minimal workforce for the health and safety of our staff and wider community.⁣

For the past week the Hillvale team have been working behind closed doors. We’d like to thank Sarah, Anne, Mick, Lekhena and Clare for getting us through these uncertain times.⁣

The lab will continue to operate behind closed doors for the time being. The dropbox at the lab is still available for drop-offs 24/7. Our online store will continue to operate as per normal sending orders for film and negatives.

We appreciate the support we have received from you thus far.⁣

A lot of rolls we receive are from people travelling around the world. Sometimes Hillvale can be the first port of call from people returning from overseas — given the WHO states that the virus may persist on surfaces from hours to days, we need to take every precaution in handling film and order forms.⁣

If you need to buy film it’ll have to be purchased online. If you need to collect negatives, you’ll need to order negative postage online (please look for the free “negative postage” item in our on-line store).⁣

Today we have reduced our shipping fees to a flat rate system — $7.50 for regular parcel post, and $9 for express. We hope this encourages you to use the postal system during this time.⁣

Our hearts go out to all the artists, small businesses staff and friends who have lost income because of the current situation. As always, we’d encourage you to shop local and show support where possible. To those in difficult times there are support channels. One such is the Northside Melbourne CoronaVirus Outreach group on Facebook. ⁣

Be kind to each other. Be smart. Be safe. ⁣

We plan on providing our service with a skeleton team until otherwise instructed. See you on the internet.⁣

Andy + Jason⁣



• All external drop-boxes have been collected as of 23/03/20. External drop-box collection is suspended for the time being.⁣

⁣• If you require your negatives or if you need to purchase film, please place an order online (we’re no longer accepting face to face transactions).⁣

• Postage prices are now $7.5 for parcel post and $9 express (flat rate).⁣

⁣• We will still operate as a lab but with minimal staff in an attempt to minimise risk. Our store-front drop-box (16 Black, Brunswick) will operate as normal.⁣

• As a result, turnaround times will be longer (at least 1 week at present). Please be patient and email if you have any queries.⁣

⁣• Outsourced E6 and C-41 push/pull processing is suspended for the time being.⁣

• For any updates, please return to this page.