Scan Sizes

We use a variety of scanners in our workflow. All scans are output as .jpg files at 72dpi and emailed via dropbox link. These can be converted to 300dpi in a photo editor for printing. Maximum recommended print sizes for each scan type are listed below.

Feel free to email us at for file sizes if your film type is not listed, or discuss with us if you're after a different scanner to our default workflow. 

Please see our pricelist for more info on pricing.

Frontier scans

We scan most C-41 35mm rolls on our dedicated Frontier SP-3000 scanners. 

We can scan 110 and 126 film, but only have the capacity to scan with a 35mm mask. Lo-res rolls have negative space with black border around and come uncropped; hi-res files come cropped. 

Format Lo-res Hi-res
135 C-41
1818x1228px @72dpi
6.06x4.09" @300dpi
5444x3649px @72dpi
18.15x12.16" @300dpi
1818x1228px @72dpi
6.06x4.09" @300dpi
5444x3649px @72dpi
18.15x12.16" @300dpi
1818x1228px @72dpi, uncropped
6.06x4.09" @300dpi, uncropped
~2643x2013px @72dpi, cropped to frame
~8.81x6.71" @300dpi, cropped to frame

Noritsu scans

We use a Noritsu HS-1800 scanner for all BW, E-6 and 120 orders, as well as any 35mm XPan, RETO 3D/Nishika rolls.

Format Lo-res Hi-res
135 B&W/E-6
3091x2048px @72dpi
10.30x6.83" @300dpi
6774x4492px @72dpi
22.58x14.97" @300dpi
2412x1766px @72dpi
8.04x5.89" @300dpi
4824x3533px @72dpi
16.08x11.78" @300dpi
2416x2380px @72dpi
8.05x7.93" @300dpi
4832x4760px @72dpi
16.11x15.87" @300dpi
2511x2048px @72dpi
8.37x6.83" @300dpi
5902x4815px @72dpi
19.67x16.05" @300dpi
3569x2451px @72dpi
11.90x8.17px @300dpi