If you can't find an answer to your question in our FAQ section, don't hesitate to get in contact with us at develop@hillvale.com.au. Thank you!

Dropping off

How can I get rolls to you?

If you're able to make it to our lab in Brunswick, you can drop off in person during open hours, or after hours through lab dropbox. Otherwise we offer multiple convenient offsite dropboxes around Melbourne which are collected weekly, and we accept postal orders from around Australia and the world. 

How long will the whole process take?

Our usual turnaround time for C-41 and B&W orders is 3-5 working days from when we receive your order at our lab. For E6 and C-41 push orders, it's closer to 7-14 working days as we outsource this process. Depending on the amount of rolls you've dropped off you may receive your order more quickly. 

What if I need a quicker turnaround?

We offer a rush service which enables a 24-hour guaranteed turnaround. Select this on your job bag when you drop off your film. Depending on the amount of rolls, rush orders can usually be fulfilled within just a few hours if dropped off at our lab during open hours.
Rush jobs dropped off Friday arvo / over the weekend will be completed first thing Monday morning.

Do you do prints?

No, we don't offer printing as a service. If you're looking to print your work, we recommend heading across the road to either Kmart or Thirds Fine Art Printing, depending on the quality you're after. 

How are you managing COVID-19?

  • We’ve installed a zero-contact dropbox chute for quick dropoffs during opening hours if you don’t need assistance.
  • The lab, including all communal pens and dropbox areas, will be cleaned sanitised at least twice daily. 
  • We encourage payments via contactless credit and debit payments, or online invoice.
  • We encourage postage of film orders and negatives where possible, and are offering reduced postage fees to facilitate this ($7.50 for standard and $9 for express).
  • All staff and customers must wear face coverings in accordance with public health advise, unless there is lawful reason not to.
  • We will be working with reduced staff in the lab to allow for adequate social distancing inside the lab — thanks for your patience during this period.
  • Please remember to keep safe and follow new signage displayed. If you're feeling unwell, please stay home!



Do you do disposable cameras?

Yes! Disposables contain 35mm film. The majority of disposables have C-41 colour film inside, but some have B&W. Place your disposable camera in the job bag once complete and seal it up. We’ll remove the film for you.

What formats do you develop?

We develop most formats in C-41, BW and E6 including 35mm, 120, 110 and APS. C-41 and B&W orders are processed in-house; E6 and C-41 push processing is outsourced to our dedicated outsource lab.

Can I push or pull my film?

Yes we provide the option to push across C-41 and B&W orders, C-41 orders cannot be pulled. We can accommodate B&W pushing and pulling in house for $2 per stop. C-41 push orders are developed at our dedicated outsource lab and return to us for scanning. For this reason turnaround times are extended to 7-14 working days.

When do you develop B&W orders?

We develop B&W orders on Monday and Thursday mornings. Rolls are scanned shortly thereafter.

How are my negatives kept?

We cut and sleeve all negatives in strips of 6, unless otherwise specified during drop-off.

Can I leave my rolls uncut?

Sure thing - please specify this when dropping off your rolls in the comment section of your order form.



What's the difference between lo-res and hi-res scans?

Lo-res files are around 2161x1452px @ 72ppi and are perfect for web usage and small prints (up to 5x7" or postcard size). Hi-res files are around 5444 x 3469px at 72dpi and are recommended for editing, cropping, larger screens, larger prints (up to A3 or 12x18" size). 

How long do you store my files on Dropbox?

We host files online for three months. We recommend you download your photos to a computer or hard disk as soon as you receive your download link.

I forgot to download my files?

We offer file retrieval for a flat $20 fee which covers your entire backlog of orders you have with us. Please email us at develop@hillvale.com.au with the subject File Retrieval if you’d like to arrange this.

How long are my negatives stored for pick-up at Hillvale?

We keep negatives at our lab for three months. You can pick up your orders from our lab during our open hours. After three months, negatives are transferred to our offsite deep storage facility. Negatives are kept in deep storage for a total of two years and can be retrieved at any stage during this period for a flat $50. Please request retrievals online through our shop.



When do I pay?

If you’re dropping in film at our lab we offer payment via cash or card. Alternatively, if you’re using one of our dropboxes or posting in rolls, we’ll send you a Square invoice once your order is complete. You’ll receive a download link to your photos via email shortly after payment is made.

It’s been over a week since I dropped off and I still haven't received an invoice?

Most jobs should be complete within seven working days. If you're a new customer, have a quick look in your Spam or Promotions folders to see if our email has gone astray. Otherwise please get in contact with us at develop@hillvale.com.au and we can follow up for you. 


I've paid my order but I haven't received my download link?

Our system automatically sends your download link once payment is received. This usually takes a few minutes but can sometimes take up to half an hour. Emails from us can also often get lost in your spam or promotions folders. If you've waited half an hour but still haven't received your download link please email us at develop@hillvale.com.au and we can fix this up for you.

Do I get a refund for a blank roll?

We only charge a developing fee for blank rolls to cover costs. If you’ve paid upfront, you’ll receive this in the form of a credit or Square refund. If you haven’t yet paid, we’ll adjust the amount on your invoice.



Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we have $50 gift vouchers available for purchase online and at our lab. Please note gift vouchers can only be redeemed in-store. Gift vouchers can be dropped off or posted in with corresponding orders for redemption.