100,000 rolls

100,000 rolls
We‘ve reached 100,000 rolls developed at Hillvale. To celebrate, we’re giving away 100 rolls of Sunny 16 film. Read below for your chance to win.

Thank you to all who have used and helped Hillvale — could not have done this without you.

There are 4 prize packs of 25 rolls in each.

Prize Pack 1: Take a photo of the 100K balloon at Hillvale, upload it to Instagram and tag us (@hillvalephoto) in the post. The winning image will be chosen at random and announced on the 10th of October.

Prize Packs 2, 3 and 4: These are hidden around Melbourne in what we are calling the Hillvale 100K Treasure Hunt. Keep a close eye on our Instagram stories this week as we release clues for the locations.

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