Where I Lay My Head — Dysturb

Where I Lay My Head — Dysturb

Dysturb are a community of freelance photojournalists who place current international photojournalism in public spaces. We were thrilled to have them here in Australia raising awareness with a week-long campaign titled 'Where I Lay My Head'. During this week Dysturb installed large-scale photojournalism around the greater Melbourne region, featuring nine photographers from around the world whose work explores the issue of displacement.

As part of this campaign we helped out by holding a parallel exhibition at Hillvale Gallery, featuring further work from each photographers' series, plus two additional photographers. This campaign highlights the increasing numbers of displaced persons, and how families and communities are affected by displacement.

Exhibiting photojournalists included Ismail Ferdous, Malin Fezehai, Barat Ali Batoor, Daro Sulakauri, Emin Ozmen, Ashley Gilbertson, Jane Hahn, Laura Boushnak and Alexandra Rose Howland. Additional work shown in the gallery included Amr Alfiqy and Alana Holmberg, plus a 350 virtual reality story made by S1T2 in collaboration with World Bank.

Big thanks to our print sponsors Prism Imaging and a special mention to the numerous volunteers from the photo community in Melbourne for all your painting, pasting and lifting. 


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