Hillvale Gallery

Hillvale Gallery

When the idea of Hillvale first began over six years ago we never thought of what it would become. It's been our goal to always extend ourselves to the greater photo community in Melbourne and welcome everyone in. This new space began as a warehouse to house our new/old B&W dip-and-dunk processor and has now extended to a space to display other photographers' work in a tactile form.

Hillvale Gallery is funded from Hillvale Photo. It's our way of giving back to the photography community that has given us so much in the last five years. We are excited to show you the projects we have been working on and create a space for those in the photographic community.

From the beginning of setting up Hillvale Photo we have been as DIY as possible, learning everything we can from the internet and people we know. Of course this new space wouldn't be possible without the help of many good friends we have met through the photo community here in Melbourne.

We were able to paint the entire warehouse within a day thanks to our friend Callum Preston who brought along his spray gun set up. Our good friend, Bryce Cornock, built an entire darkroom from scratch to house the B&W dip-and-dunk processor. Thanks to Nathan from Heimur for creating our custom bench top that fits pretty well in the new space. Also, we tried plumbing ourselves for the first time and it turned out fine.

After a long journey, our new space for photography is ready. Thanks to everyone who has lent a hand. We look forward to having you here.


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